Sunday, August 21, 2016


The countertops arrived on Saturday and were installed on the new side of the kitchen even before we arrived.  They were still working on the old side.  It was so neat to see the stone while in process of being cut for the countertops. You could see some slight veining while they were cutting the pieces.

We chose soapstone because it was available in the era the house was built.

But once the guys got them installed and applied sealant to bring out the color, I absolutely fell in love.

 The sealant gave them an amazing sheen and made the veins pop.

But, alas, for the time being they will be covered with plastic while the work in other areas continues.

There is a lot of sawdust.  Larry claims he has no idea how this happened.

This week the refrigerator arrived. We are keeping it at Mom and Dad's house until WBC is further along.  To save money we skipped delivery and Mom and Dad picked it up themselves.  Miraculously, they avoided every thunderstorm between Houston and Sealy.  However, we still had to figure out how to get it out of Dad's truck and into the garage.  Easier said than done with two retired people, a shrimp, and someone who recently had back surgery.  We wound up sliding it down two boards that sat on the tailgate.  Mom and Dad were walking it along the skids; Larry and I had a rope at the top of the fridge to keep it from tipping over.  (If you've ever watched the Smithsonian documentary on the secrets of Easter Island, it was kind of like that only scarier).

We managed to get it down safely, but let's just say we are paying someone to move it to WBC.

Finally Larry and I made more progress on the cistern paddock. With the rain came a litany of weeds to pull.  Larry calculated 515 shovels full of mulch over 19 trips with the wheelbarrow.  The new mulch we added is darker because it was wet.

And while we were at it, we found a new friend, who we named Sampson.

Sampson is a 2-foot long checkered garter snake, who we hope goes far far away and doesn't return.

That's all from WBC for now.


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