Sunday, August 14, 2016

When your day starts with "Honey, grab the fire extinguisher"...

Because we will not allow the clothesline to beat us down, Larry borrowed a grinder so we could try to cut the poles below ground level and cover them up.  The down side:  sparks. Lots and lots of sparks.

But it ultimately worked. The one by the chicken coop took a really long time because there were two layers of pipe.

And there was some serious hootin' and hollerin' when the one by the cistern house gave way.

Fortunately, we only had one near-miss...

I was also planning to use a blow torch to burn off the leftover cheesecloth threads that held up the old wallpaper.  Epic fail.  So bad I didn't even take any pictures. I couldn't get the blowtorch (which is designed to make creme brulee not than burning old cheesecloth) close enough to the threads to burn them without also scorching the wood.  So that plan got scrapped. Instead I helped Larry haul off the concrete we previously jackhammered, and fill in the holes where the concrete used to be.  Now you'd never know a clothesline (and about 30 lbs of concrete) used to be here.

We also hauled more mulch into the rest of the cistern paddock as ground cover to keep weeds down.

We still have some work to do, of course, but we are certainly making progress.  

The rest of the house is definitely coming along too.  The exterior has been primed, and I think parts have been painted.

Most of the trim will stay white, but the window frames are going to be purple.  I just haven't found the right shade yet.  These are samples # 2 and 3, and I still don't think they're right.

And the bathroom floor tile has been started.  He didn't finish though because we ran short and had to order more.

Which is probably a good thing so the tile guy can come back and fix the one that broke the pattern.

With any luck the rest of the tile will come in next week.  The tub, sink and kitchen sink should also be back from being refinished by Wednesday.  The soapstone counters should be ready this week too.

And finally, the doors are now off their hinges getting ready to be spiffed up too.

That's all from Wisteria Bend for now.


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