Sunday, July 17, 2016

Breakfast nook and insulation

The area off the kitchen that we have always envisioned as a breakfast nook was where the prior owner kept her sewing machine. Since there were two windows, this nook apparently had a nice cross-breeze that allowed her to work comfortably (?) even without a/c. For our purposes, the breakfast nook seemed like a more functional option. Terry started building the benches a couple weeks ago. 

But this week really got down to business with the decorative portion of the benches as well as the table.


And if you don't recognize them, the cypress planks that were hidden under the old countertops are being transformed into what will become the table top.

This is really going to be special when it's completed!

Another big change this week was the addition of insulation. When I drove up, I saw these weird circular patches in the side of the house.

That's where they drilled holes to blow insulation into the exterior walls.

From what I could see, I'm pretty sure the closed-cell spray foam insulation was added underneath the house too, but I was not going to get under there to find out or get better pictures.

I did go up in the attic to see that the insulation had been blown in that space too.

I will say that the house does seem slightly less miserable than before, but it's hard to tell when it's 100+ outside whether the insulation is making any difference.

Finally, I'm sad to report that we no longer have any cardinal eggs :(

I strongly suspect that a snake got to them.  But part of me is worried that we did something to disturb them.   I really hope it wasn't the jackhammer!

That's all from Wisteria Bend for now.


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