Friday, July 1, 2016

Almost air conditioning

The most dramatic development over the last couple weeks is the addition of the HVAC system, made possible in part by the new attic stairs.

 Check it out!!! So it's not operable yet. But the duct work to each room seems done. 

And the wiring to the breaker box seems virtually complete too.

It should be just a little longer until it's operational.  I'm pretty stoked about the operable windows, but having AC will be such a game-changer!

The last few weeks also saw more details on the new kitchen cabinets.

The new cabinets and the old cabinets are going to be so closely matched, it's going to be hard to tell them apart.

Also, the porch is going back on, which is great now that the weather is so hot again.  The porch is almost always comfortable, even in June and July.

More yardwork is in store tomorrow.  I'm going to have fun with a jackhammer.

That's all from Wisteria Bend for now.

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