Saturday, February 13, 2016

Before and not-so-before part 4

Today's before and not-so-before post is about my absolute favorite room in the house:  the sunroom, which we also call the sleeping room for reasons I will explain below.  The sunroom is the back of the house connecting to the kitchen and to the second bedroom.

Here's the before:

I'm not entirely sure what they were going for here.  It's almost as if they wanted it to look like the Tudor half-timbered houses?  I don't know...

We delicately removed the groovy 60s pendant light...surely someone will want it.

The paneling was on the walls as well as the ceiling; basically any place that wasn't a window.

It was some sort of weird particle board.  It wasn't exactly drywall, but not it was definitely some type of paper product.  It was nailed to the wall and then the rows of nails were covered with the strips of wood. After we pulled the strips, we could just tear the particle board off as if it was just a normal piece of cardboard.  But what was left behind were rows of nails that we eventually had to pull out too.

And the not-so-before:

With three of us working, it only took a day to pull it all down.

You can sort of see little bits beneath the window that we just couldn't get out.  We are probably going to leave those for the pros later.

After we got all the particle board off, we saw this writing on the boards:

Though it is tough to see, it says sleeping room. Isn't that cool?

That's all from Wisteria Bend for now.


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