Monday, November 21, 2016

Move-in day!

So the restoration is not completely 100% done. There's a few little things left to wrap up, but it's close enough to start moving things in. Due to a small snafu with the truck, we had to drive all the way out to Bellaire to pick up the Uhaul. After that 1.5 hour mini-epic, we got the truck loaded with stuff from our house.

 Then we headed to Mom and Dad's to pick up the fridge and other smaller items. The fridge was so tall that once Larry and Dad got it it in the truck we couldn't open the door all the way.

We were fortunate enough to have retained some helpers who currently attend Fayetteville HS to lend some extra muscle.  Boy did those extra muscles come in handy!  Cole and Brenden helped move the fridge, the sleeper sofa, the washer and dryer, the rugs and all kinds of smaller items from the truck.

And they very politely "ooh'd" and "aah'ed" at all the right moments, especially when we took the box off of the fridge and got to see it for the first time.

 Though moving the fridge was much easier with the furniture dolly, I still think I lost a year of my life watching them bring it in and get it set up.

After about 45 minutes and a run to the general store to get felt sticky pads to level the fridge and keep it from messing up the floor, it was finally level and securely in place.

After all that work it was definitely time for cheeseburgers!

After lunch Cole and Brenden helped Dad and Larry move the sleeper sofa.  

And as our designated heroes for the day, we gave them the honor of testing out the couch first.

I don't think that's the finger Dad meant to hold up...He is adamant that this is the last sleeper sofa he's ever going to move.

After Cole and Brenden left, we put together the bigger portion of the living room. The rug is a little lumpy from being rolled up for so long.  But it should flatten out this week.

Possibly next weekend we'll have the chance to get the tvs mounted.

The master bedroom is sort of coming together, but we didn't bring any hardware to actually assemble the bed and we still need to get curtain hardware.

Truly one of the highlights of Saturday was using the toilet!  No actually have a functional toilet and running water are things we do not take for granted.

We also failed to bring the hardware for the beds in the second bedroom so that will have to wait for another day too.

But the sleeping room is very nearly done.  We only lack window treatments. I have an idea of what I want; now that most of the big stuff is done, it's time to execute the plan.

So a big thanks to Cole and Brenden, two of the absolute sweetest, and most helpful young people I have had the pleasure of meeting!

That's all from Wisteria Bend for now.


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