Sunday, March 12, 2017


After nearly 2 years, we are finally finished.  Of course, you're never actually finished with yardwork, and I'm sure I'll find little things here and there to add to the decor over time. But for now, we can say that the restoration is finished.  Here are some before-and-afters to show how far we've come.
  The kitchen and breakfast nook:

As a reminder, the tabletop is made of the cypress wood that served as the counter for the kitchen cabinets and was covered with formica.

 The living room:

I found the purple velvet chair on a street corner near Rice Village on a Sunday morning. It was moldy and still damp even from being in someone's leaky garage or storage unit for a very long time. I was by myself so putting it into the back of my SUV-let was a challenge. And because I couldn't close the trunk door, I had to tie it down with the scarf I was fortunate enough to be wearing.  After spraying it down with a combination of vinegar and bleach we brought it into the house until we could find a re-upholsterer. It was in our guest room since 2014, but it perfectly matches at WBC.

The Roman shades were sewn by Aunt Evelyn from fabric I found half price at High Fashion Home. Her MAD SKILLS are also present in the pool room cushions and shades, as well as in the sleeping room curtains. Thanks Aunt Onion!

The pool room:

And thanks to Lance and Rachael for beta-testing the place, and pointing out that we didn't have any place in the pool room for people to set drinks.  Now we have a nifty perch for beverages.

The hallway:

In keeping with the theme, I had some of my photos of the wisteria along the fence blown up on canvas.

The bathroom:

The master bedroom:

The twin bedroom:

The sleeping room:

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That's all from Wisteria Bend for now.


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  1. LOVE IT!!! I especially love all the windows! Great job everyone!