Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Early Halloween!

Halloween has come early to WBC.

In celebration, I thought I'd share a creepy story.  Last weekend Larry and I were measuring the depth of the lower cabinets.  We opened the cabinet below and guess what we found....

A snakeskin!

One of us screamed like a little girl (but I'll leave you to ponder which one of us it was).  And then since we are both citified wussies, we shut the cabinet and left it there to deal with another day.

This weekend, with Mom and Dad there for backup, we decided to pull it out. O.M.G.  It kept going, and going, and going....

This thing was at least three feet long.

Here's his face.  Did you know that snakes shed the skin on their eyeballs?  I certainly didn't.

Here's the creepiest part of the story...Mom neglected to mention earlier that she found another snakeskin a few months ago while she was cleaning the cabinets.  This is the SECOND ONE and he was there RECENTLY....Think about that one the next time you open your kitchen cabinets!

That's all from Wisteria Bend for now.


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  1. I can just imagine you screaming at finding that one! What a great undertaking.